The Best Video Editing Software Reviews for 2017

2017 is almost nearing to its end, but that does not mean there is an end to the ever-thriving industry of video editing software. With each passing day, we are surprised with yet another video editing tool that introduces something new to the market – something that we never get to see before. However, with this growing business comes with complications as a lot of customers, especially the new ones, don’t know where to look and what to buy. Many people end up with software that are either too costly or lack heavily in good areas of video editing.

In order to lessen the pain of finishing up with a wrong video editing buddy, let us walk you through some of our preferences that we find are best. Here are our video editing software reviews for the year of 2017 that are both affordable and fantastic. Read on.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus

This is a product that carries some unique features like object-based editing, which means that users can place any type of media they like on a track. This is something big which easily makes MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus one of its kind as it is by far the most flexible program. Moreover, apart from the usual trimming, cropping, combining, and sliding options that video editors offer, this software supplies some cool extra fun features such as the accessibility to construct faux movie trailers – now that is something fun!

Hitfilm Express

Another one on our video editing software reviews list is Hitfilm Express. This professional-graded tool is an ultimate choice for advance users as it accompanies some pro-level features – that too for free. Hitfilm Express doesn’t just promise – it delivers. The basic editing of the software is quite impressive as it supports amazing set of filters for audio and video, advance cutting tools, compositing options, chroma keying, layering and masking, and much more. If you want more features you can buy the $10 package that features exposure adjustment, creative filters, color-correction, split screen masking, and more.

CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Ultra

Topping our list of favorites and earning good reviews from many critics, CyberLink PowerDirector easily surpasses all because of its balancing power between functionality precision and usability. Offering an impressive range of features for advance users and coupling it up with instinctive user-interface, CyberLink is effortlessly the top choice for both professionals and novice alike. With the DirectorZone network, this software also has the most amazing robust video editing community ever.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X10

This one is always coming up with the best video editing programs. Even the latest version is no less inspiring than the previous one. Corel VideoStudio offers a gigantic range of transitions, themes, and effects that are satisfactory for new users. However, the program incorporates sophisticated supplies like motion-tracking settings and ScoreFitter to comply with the expectations of more skilled video editors who are always on the lookout for something better.

Other tools that we shortlist as best for this year are Shortcut, Lightworks, VSCD, and Avidemux. Tell us what reviews you found helpful and which software fits best for your need. Happy video editing!