Good Friday 2017 in different countries


Good Friday is a Holy day of Christians and it is observed prior to Easter. Good Friday is also known as Holy Friday, Black Friday, Easter Friday and Great Friday. Good Friday involves commemorating the death of Jesus Christ at Cavalry. Good Friday 2017 would be observed on 14th April which is a Friday prior to Easter. It involves a legal holiday in every Christian community. Every country or Christian community follows different customs while observing this day.

Good Friday in the United States of America

In the United States of America, there is no legal holiday on Good Friday but there can be a state holiday in some states. It is the saddest day for them. Some Christians observe fasting on the entire day while others follow partial fasting. There is quiet atmosphere in some homes and they avoid outdoor activities. Some people continue their job while others take a day off but there is no national holiday. However, the routine activities usually continue throughout the country.

Good Friday in Philippines

This is a day of mourning in the entire Philippines and people avoid doing certain activities such as drinking alcohol or listening to a loud music. There is a national holiday in Philippine and Shopping Malls or hotels are closed at this day. Church services such as Masses held before 3 pm in the Church because this was the time when Jesus Christ was died. Some of the people in Philippine spend this holiday at beach.

Good Friday in New Zealand

Good Friday is a national holiday in New Zealand. Some people spend this day by going on short trips while others hold long prayers. People see this day as a day of fasting and they take only three small meals or no food at all.

Good Friday in Australia

Good Friday is a national holiday throughout the Australia and everything remain closed for the entire day. It is a tradition in Australia that people east hot cross buns at this day. Moreover, some sporting events are also held on this day. Good Friday 2017 will be held on 14th April.