There used to be a time, in the past, when no one bothered to travel with electrical devices. After all, there was no guarantee of power on the way, so why take these devices. Those times are now well in the past. Times have changed.

Today, there are ways to generate power, even when travelling. Even better, you don’t have to break a sweat to achieve this. All you need is to have the required equipment and tools with you. Here are five ways to generate power when travelling, which can also help you protect your vehicle from EMP.

  1. The use of solar panels

The picture many people have of solar panels is that of very large and extensive glass-like installations, fixated in certain locations. What they don’t know is that there are different sorts of solar panels.

If your destination is one of the sunny areas, you would do well to get a solar panel installed on your van. With this installation, you get to maximize the solar energy the earth receives. This can help power your mobile devices, provide some form of lighting for tents, and for other minor demands.

  1. Harness the wind energy

Needless to say, you encounter wind energy in its sheer force when traveling. What you don’t know is that tis energy can be used to generate power.

Thanks to technology and sharp minds today, there are wind generators you can attach to your cars, sail boats and tour coaches. This serves van-dwellers and backpackers immensely. All you need do is install this wind generator to your vehicle. Fixing this device on either sides of your vehicle is sure to work better, and put to good use wind that would’ve wasted otherwise.

  1. Use your engines directly

Okay, not very directly. But you can, through a power adapter, generate some power from your car engine. Even a boat’s engine can serve this purpose.

With the various types of adapters in circulation today, you can get to charge your mobile devices, tablets, and even laptops. Best do the charging when the car is on the move. Doing otherwise will run your car battery down in no time.

  1. By walking!

Amazingly, technology has found a way to make even the unlikeliest of activities very useful. In moving from one point to another, we all expend some form of energy; energy that can be converted to provide power to charge our batteries and devices.

An example is the Go Kin Pack which you can strap to your body and set off. At the end of a 5-minute trek, you would have generated enough power to make a 25 minute long call. Awesome!

  1. Use a CampStove

This is for people who are especially mindful of the environment. The BioliteCampStove lets you cook foods, and boil water. The heat energy generated in this process is in turn converted into mobile electricity.

Surely over time, all these devices will be modified and improved. But for now, these are the five surest ways to generate power while travelling.